Client Testimonials

     My father died five years ago at the age of 91. He lived with me and my family for two years and we were all very blessed to have him in our home. The last few months of his life he was getting weaker and weaker, failing both mentally and physically. Finally in early December he was admitted to the hospital where they found that he had a perforated intestine. We all agreed to have a colostomy performed on him. Immediately after the procedure I knew that I could not care for him 24 hours a day, and that the hospital staff would not be able to give him the attention he needed.  I called Lori’s Angels to assist us with his care in the hospital.

The girls were so wonderful and caring.  Each day they documented condition, his needs, his activities, and even some of the things he said to them. They were respectful and caring. Sadly, he only lived for five days after his operation, dying of sepsis as a result of the bowel perforation. But thanks to Lori’s Angels, I have an hour by hour diary of his last days which I will always treasure.

The girls at Lori’s Angels were there when I couldn’t be, and it was very reassuring to me knowing that someone was with him to comfort him and watch over him.

-Janis H. from Orwigsburg (client from 2007 to 2008)



      My aides are excellent! Terrific workers and my brother adores them. My bother always looks nice and he is a lot happier since I've had Lori's Angels coming in to take care of him.

- Theresa S. from Minersville (client from March 2015 to present)



      I am seriously impressed with the care my brother recieves from Lori's Angels! The aides' attendance and level of care provided is excellent! They preform all the tasks listed on his care plan and are not just his "aide" but his friend too. We would definitly recommend Lori's Angels to our family and friends!

- Richard M. from Port Carbon (client from May 2015 to present)


     I love my aide! She is a caring, sweet, honest and thoughtful person. She does an excellent job with me. She is wonderful!

- Florence Y. from Pottsville (client from January 2015 to present)



     My aide goes above and beyond when she is here! I would definitly recommend Lori's Angels to anyone who is looking for homecare services. The qualitly of care from them is excellent!

- Anna R. from Pottsville (client from August 2015 to the present)



     We've had the same aides for quite sometime and they are all very good. She enjoys them all. Thank you for your love and care for her.

- Joanne from Pottsville (caregiver for client from 2007 to the present)



     I want to take this time to report one of your Angels! Her name is Shirley! This Angel is a God Sent! She offers a (Mothers) type care to so many of the people in the Schuylkill Haven High rise. This lady works (hard) and gives her all. If there is a way to give anyone a pay raise, then it would have to be her! God love her! You don't find many (old School), and (down to Gods Earth) people like Shirley! I see Shirley everyday going out of her way to HELP and be kind to others. She is a real ANGEL !

- Anonymous (Tenant from the Schuylkill Haven High Rise)



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